Illumi Music - Tritonal Love U Right DallasK Remix

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Illumi ... Official remixes for Tritonal Love U Right are finally out on Enhanced Music ! ? DallasK Remix is the best one imo! ?
Darwin ... esta una bestia :33333
KingTP... Where is Futurebounce?☹
Esteban... Sickkkk bro!
natural... Hi i m Izhryaan
Marian ... Omg DallasK,great!!!!!Welcome back whit your music ???
Thee Ag... Tune and a half!
Akeeb... What a lead :o so lushhh
Music4D... Remix ? ?
Michy... I always like some background music while i'm studying, but i was out of inspiration until i found this channel like 2months ago since then i've been overloaded by great music and because of ilumi i passed all my exams in the second period of university, now i have resits and once again ilumi will save my next exam with this banger!
Thank you <3
DJ HiJ... WOOOWww!!! It's a long time ago that I heard a track from Dallask. I'm glad he's back!
He hits again with a good viby Remix. The Remix has a full package of a Future House Song!
Dallask also makes it better with a little bouncy touch.What a man :)

0.8/1 LIKE
Roni Pe... Wow! This channel has definetly grown to become one of my most favorite ones over the past few weeks:)
Lawless... Gud stuff
Miscell... Dallask ???

Drop 1 (01:05)

Drop 2 (02:43)
circuit... Can i ask you a question? I myself am a producer that really loves doing it and all but when i upload to youtube my final mix sounds really quiet and bad so how do you make it so the music stays at a loud volume and some frequencies dont go away? Thanks in advance
Monica ... Yesss bitch!!
Agus OM... Awesome illumi !!! ^•^
Beasty ... DallasK is just the best;
circuit... this is great shit brodda, keep on doing what youre doing ;)
VICTOR ... Like!!
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