Zajcu37 - SFM FNAF The heros awakening 1

Intro music: Music: Kevin MacLeod Classic Horror 2 Kevin MacLeod Phantasm

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ang... I'm a Brazilian who like what you do.
his animatronic animation is very good.
that's why I like it, but it's not just me I appreciate, a lot of Brazilian people also appreciate what you do
Firecre... I would I back to the old animation just to have longer episodes
VapBluT... Can you pls make your videos longer?
koching... i want the nightmares to turn good an help everyone! PLOT TWISTS SPAM THEM TO US!!!!
Superso... I kinda have a feeling Bonnie became a shadow....
Slikka ... The second I thought bonnie will be the final character standing... He does ?
Angel C... Oh no
Shadow ... 1 like = 1 prayer for bonnie
The Mem... I’m late
Caspeed... Ejem...Subtítulos!!
Wiktori... Bonnie nie ma :'( co dalej ? Czekam,nie spiesz się like
Atom Ca... This is such a sad excuse for entertainment. Can we please stop? just...just stop. Ok? Five Nights at Freddy's is completely irrelevant, yet you and the rabid, money hungry, view whores in the community continue to persist about some god awful original story that is overall terrible. Open your eyes people. This isn't good. The Five Nights at Freddy's games weren't even that good to begin with. They weren't scary, they weren't interesting, and the story wasn't good because there basically wasn't one (come on scott cawthon. a game series with essentially no story? that's just...disappointing.) I also can't forget the fact that you are essentially profiting off of garbage. Stop. You need to stop. Get off of Source Filmmaker, and get a real job. Ok? God...everyday we stray further from god...this is proof of that fact.
Hermini... why are you not making videos???
Pootis ... It's weird, Toy freddy doesn't say shadow freddy, is there another shadow?, and why would he tell toyfreddy and toy chica.
EnderGa... Wait so I know fredbea r is joining them and maybe the little spring trap?
Kunar... Dlaczego nie ma polskiego tłumaczenia
Lorenzo... Es mucho pedir subtitulos en español
Jigsaw3... Its ok
Teddy E... And Sup Español?
Waleri ... Zajcu37 znamy się już długo, wyjdziesz za mnie? ????
merto T... Where is the turkish language
Lanz Gi... Somethings wrong I have only one fish so where is the other one that i smell.
kauanzi... TOY Freddy x TOY Chica
toan ng... link full
Piotr M... Zajcu najlepszy
???????... why the videos are smaller ?
Sheila ... Ok send help to the twisted ones twisted wolf
Twisted freddy
Twisted foxy
Twisted bonnie
Twisted springtrap
Twisted golden freddy
Sheila ... You know who's the true hero it is springtrap and twisted wopf
???? TV... Mor
Chihin ... 2:50

The Nightmare and his minions are coming into FFP II

So,viewers. Do you understand what is 'FFP II' means?
If you understand what 'FFP II' means or other things,please send a comment to me
Dimonds... I’m devastated. In the original FNaF game series, Mangle was always my favorite, ever since I saw her in FNaF 2. Foxy and Bonnie were also favorites of mine. And guess what? Two of them are dead and one of them was the ultimate traitor! I’m not too mad about it because I can understand why each action happened, but still, I was rooting for Bonnie. He’s my favorite character in your FNaF series, Zajcu. I hope he and Foxy come back, and maybe Mangle has a redemption arch. I’m not commanding that you do this, it’s just personally what I’d like to see.

But seriously, you either killed off my favs or made them turn. ?
Creamy ... Omg yessssshhhhh!!!!!
Ayden L... Zajcu I forgot ur channel when it was a Bonnie sniping something for intro I’m watching again I stopped watching cause I forgot channel name
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