MotoGamesTV - Gran Turismo Sport Circuit de Saint Croix C Circuit Experience

0:05 Turn 1 Turn 6 1:33 Turn 7 Turn 13 2:49 Turn 14 Turn 15 3:42 Turn 16 Turn 24 5:13 1 Lap Challenge 9:15 Gift Car Gameplay from PlayStation 4 Pro. MotoGamesTV

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Alexand... B Layout is the best for close racing. Glad it forced people to use my favourite car ?
kenny o... played the 1st section (turn 1 -6) in cockpit view. track too bright + slight elevation hard to see
hercula... i remember when these were a lot harder to get gold
Burt Sa... The C layout of this track is top notch for GT racing. Really wish it was a real track.
SAY MY ... I got an Aventador as a gift (3rd in my garage)
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