Vandiril - NUNU W vs REKSAI W

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Nesutsu... Rek'Sai confirmed top tier now with the longest CC in League of Legends
lamonik... Fake I unsubscribe
Special... Riot nice game
Defiejf... Lul
Rob Has... Anyone else find it hilarious the way nunu falls from the sky lmao
Mozz... hory shet
Jordan ... I love that this is still in the game.
SENPAI ... Yasuo ult?
triHGmi... PANTHEON : That's my son xd
Eadbert... nunu w is pretty broken, i've seen it on other knockups as well having the same interaction

i'd like to see attacks on a flying champ, both ways (perhaps bots will still be able to attack?)
maricel... Nunu is angry ?
Coldi... Vandiril kurwa serdeczne JD dla ciebie mordo
Lucius ... this bug has been around for nearly a decade now. When a champion is on a dash or position-changing spell then suddenly got airborned, they sprung up into the air
Justin ... cute thumbnail
IrisRai... Meanwhile, in the Magical Journey: "Are we there yet?"
Breaker... ja gg
Mateus ... Jmm
Yusuf ... Hancock
Edoardo... travel in the galaxy
Thomm... Lol. Imagine if has damage for fall.
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