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Nesutsu...Rek'Sai confirmed top tier now with the longest CC in League of Legends
lamonik...Fake I unsubscribe
Special...Riot nice game
Rob Has...Anyone else find it hilarious the way nunu falls from the sky lmao
Mozz...hory shet
Jordan ...I love that this is still in the game.
SENPAI ...Yasuo ult?
triHGmi...PANTHEON : That's my son xd
Eadbert...nunu w is pretty broken, i've seen it on other knockups as well having the same interaction

i'd like to see attacks on a flying champ, both ways (perhaps bots will still be able to attack?)

maricel...Nunu is angry ?
Coldi...Vandiril kurwa serdeczne JD dla ciebie mordo
Lucius ...this bug has been around for nearly a decade now. When a champion is on a dash or position-changing spell then suddenly got airborned, they sprung up into the air
Justin ...cute thumbnail
IrisRai...Meanwhile, in the Magical Journey: "Are we there yet?"
Breaker...ja gg
Mateus ...Jmm
Yusuf ...Hancock in the galaxy
Thomm...Lol. Imagine if has damage for fall.