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???? ??... ☺ Hello It's me Misha Moscow Paris moscou russie
???? ??... Привет я твой Подписчик из России Hello Hello My name is Misha
A Cat... Wait are those actual players?
Herp De... why is the chat dead now? did something happen?
Coolced... when i try and do atdt and then the numbers it wont connect and said cant connect and when i try diffren numbers it does the same
Breadcr... Haista vittu
alisson... Nice
alisson... You has died 3x
Dominik... When the shop is closed for the weekend,and you don't know what to do.. Chat with players ???
No_Fenc... DayZ is just always on there ...
DomekFs... O panie
EmreÖz... 7:24 rear wheels falls out
Zorixxx... 9:48 yes
Zorixxx... 8:42 kurwa
Howard ... To jest Polski kanał?
bercik... fajne robisz filmy sub i dzwonek leci
Sam Ros... has anybody else had the problem with the computer virus, where it shows a big red spider thing on the screen, and then when you try to rest the computer it says that you need a boot disk?
Oyun Gr... i dont play MSC, i live o
Radek B... 9:38 ten moment ,,Surprise mada Facka'' i autobus który leci w górę i ty mówisz ,,Surprise mada Facka'''
i jeszcze te oczy tego gościa
Andrei ... Really Slow Piece of Shit
SAMBSA... lol i saw u on the chat
Hotpoin... when will the UK Get this update?
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