Tommy Craze - damnnnnnnnnnnn

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Samuel ...For stalin or not stalin listen to strictly business and red roses both by lil skies
Jakub T...Kongratulation
Baarteq...You are gsw fan becouse they are on top or you are always been behind them
Fire Dr...Do you like football(soccer)?
Onizuka...Are u gay ???
Darius ...I love ur videos but not ur music... Sorry
ZelxMel...When did you move to Australia?
Oliwia ...Ja pierdole jak w ciagu 2 tygodni mozna zdobyc 50 tys subskrypcji
Gamerti...0:33 look at those muscles
yo. g...I lost it when it said you trash Boi

bullsso...listen to this and give the remixer some love
/its from the start of the vid when he is dancing
quty- Z...0:31 steroids
???????...You are 23 year old. Wtf. Congrats
The rea...Give us a room tour?
Sify...shoutout to me ???✊???
Night W...a reason i like u is cus your not playing fortnite all day you actually react but most people who react to music are just lik... stolen...not stolen... but ur like... STALIN... NOT STALINand you dont react in your car
Desidel...Pytanie odnośnie ,,Pomysłów na odcinki''
Czy mógłbyś wejść na swoją pocztę?
Wysłałam Ci kilka pomysłów na filmiki. :)
I czy w ogóle sprawdzasz swoją pocztę odnośnie do np. pomysłów na filmiki?
okej ok...ALOHA kurwa
Martin ...Nagraj coś pl mordo
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