240252 - Roaring 20s: Al Jolson & Carl Fentons Orch. Miami, 1925

Al Jolson & Carl Fenton’s Orchestra – Miami, Fox-Trot (Jolson-DeSylva-Conrad) from the musical comedy “:Big Boy”, Brunswick 1925 (USA) NOTE: Big Boy is a musical written by Harold R. Atteridge, music by James F. Hanley and Joseph Meyer, and lyrics by Buddy DeSylva. The show featured Al Jolson as Gus, an African-American stable boy who ends up as a jockey winning the Kentucky Derby. The show had 120 successful performances between August-December 1925. It was later turned into a film (1930).

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BigGuyB... The song was written in 1924, in the midst of the land boom in Florida -- real estate values shot up from 2X to 10X higher between 1920 and 1925. So much was being built that the railroads reached full capacity and stopped carrying building materials to Florida in October 1925. Prices kept going up until the following Spring. That's when they crashed initially falling more than a third between February and June, 1926. Then prices fell a half, then two thirds to 95% by the middle of the initial bottom in 1928. Prices bounced back up a bit in 1929, then fell from where they were in 1929, another 50% to 90% lower during the Depression.

Some land bought around Miami in 1925 didn't sell at a higher price until the 1980's.

While Big Boy was running, the Marx Brothers musical, The Cocoanuts, opened up. In the play Groucho talks about the real estate crash:  "You can have any kind of a home you want. You can even get stucco. Oh, how you can get stuck-oh!"
1920sfa... This peppy tune featuring an impressive Jolson on vocal was outstanding. Thank you very much for sharing!
John Oc... Hi Grzegorz, Catchy tune. Jolson is always entertaning. I was living near Miami back in 1949 (13 yrs old} and it was beautiful and exciting place to be. Unfortunately that has changed. It's now a place to avoid.
Luis M... His voice was young and fresh then. Even when I can't understand every word of it, I enjoy the lyrics when sung in its entirety, verse and refrain chorus. That 1925 Miami was a much better place to live and stay in than it is now, I bet. This is another beautiful kind of homesick song that fits well with Jolson's unique, passionate, zestful style. He always tells a story!
Terry L... Great posting
?????? ... «Доброе утро», дорогой Гжегож. Оптимистично. :-) У нас морозы только усиливаются.:-) Хорошего дня. :-)
franka ... Nie pomogło..Dalej zimno i mrożno na świecie!!! Dziękuję za dobre chęci!!!!
Bryce Z... Love your consistency in posting, please keep it up! It's greatly appreciated! <3
Lance B... Very nice. My favorite Al Jolson song is "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?" 1916
Eric Co... You and Atticus Jazz are the best!

Mine Cr... I love Al Jolson! I even uploaded his story movie on my channel! You can watch it if you like.
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfZVI8Kq2yuxNOO9tpvdmZg