Counter Strike Proland - BOT FRANK is ON 300 IQ MISSION CS:GO BEST ODDSHOTS 336

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Counter... I don't know what is wrong with this video but most of you don't even get notification about it.. Please comment down below if you got notification or not... thanks... :I
btw. In which team pro team BOT FRANK should play :D ?
JasieQ ... i like you wideo
?... omg that flicks was epic
Manuel... Dont forget to add a lot of reverb
WP ME P... Teraz ja wygrywam!
Dominik... Lol. Bot Frank Is the god
Kuba of... Gl all of u
?ukasz ... Generalnie best shoty
Hollie ... 0:45 lol?
Bartek ... if u shoot lower part of vent u wont break it lol everyone knows it

meh... 2:08 i don’t think he was trying to sound like Christopher Walkin
Crosser... u really great player
R8banan... Perfect moment
Mz Batm... хх
Ng Chin... Great vid to show new things
POSTAW ... You frome poland?
Best Bo... like la comment daca ejti roman si il cunosti pe cristea_marian de la sfarsitul video-ului

P.S prin il cunosti pe cristea marian ma refer la Like la comment daca ejti roman si nu il cunosti pe cristea_marian
SoEinTy... Lol nice
Ondra K... Dafuq dat one taps
Xiiao A... bot frank is the best
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