Marbozir - Civilization 5 VP Lets Play Sumer Modded Part 2

Lets Play Civilization 5 with Vox Populi mod as Sumer! Im using September 6th Beta and playing on standard size continents map, with standard game speed. Vox Populis event system is disabled. Enjoyed the video? Leave a like and subscribe for more! Where to get Civilization 5 Vox Populi mod: Tomatekhs Sumer for VP: Subscribe to my channel for daily videos: Like what you see and want to support me? You can do it on Patreon: My Social Media: Discord Server: Twitter:...

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888alph... Let's keep going! I wanna see how Marbs gets out of this one!
Colton ... Restart, it is a lot of waiting around otherwise
Juan Lo... I really want to see how this game turn out, but i understand how it might be boring until you can cross the oceans. I dont know if you would consider some sort of editted speed run with maybe commentary over it until you find other AIs.
Arma?an... Reroll marbs, it will be so boring and game will be lost for sure. I loved the Sumer tho, such a potential for huge population
Rene Se... Marb I played a game that was a carbon copy of Civ 5 and had a similar situation of being alone on an island and was almost running away with the game because no one could get to me  and everyone else was next to each other fighting everyone else
Ravi Va... No fun playing civ on a lonely island. Restart please.
Nikita ... Oh, and while you are at it.
Why won't you conquer the city states? That would spice things up.
With the unique units and a couple of archers it would be a piece of cake.
Not to mention, nobody would denounce you for that.
SWGOH R... You can research bronze working and still build vultures bro ,I tried this civ yesterday ?
tyaty... Restart it.
Saul Sp... I would prefer you kept going with the island start, rather than starting over with a more generic early game.

Alessan... Restart, it's a no brainer.
Tfunk A... With this start, i think it would be a good idea to reroll, maybe force a pangea map as the Sumer, still going Tradition. your special unit is so good but only if you can use them.
Nikita ... No, you should keep on going with your current starting location. It's more fun to watch since you struggle on an island.
Coverof... Isolated Island starts are so boring. Restart!
Victor ... I was watching another video but when I saw this I immediately clicked it.
Pedro... Civ 5 by marbs... that is some addictive stuff!!!!
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