Vandiril - riot pls fix 1 KINDRED PASSIVE

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TOBUBUH... Pls do more!!! ?
Cl? wn... riot fix pls:shaco
Mabbdoo... Can this get me banned
Yuaz... Hi,
I'm a kindred main (1m8 point) and for some reason I still have a huh sometimes when I back with kindred my game DC ...

I have also noticed a very frustrating but with kindred passive but wolf mark this time : when u kill (or somebody) kill the big krug in a timing where wolf wanted to mark krug camp, the mark spwan on the minimal but u can't have it because u already kill the krug :/ this bug is here since long time
TrioDeJ... Please talk about singed w bugs.
Fury Ni... Thank you for the tip I didn't know about it
Before riot fix it I am gonna have some fun
Dakra... Can you ask riot to fix wukong passif pls ?
SkyRed... still works... rito dont want to fix this
jc008 [... It still works...

mobgma... its funny how rito can have so many bugs in this game
FakeTr1... Hi
Megadol... Valve, pls fix
TheJosi... Vandiril for LOL President..
Tim B.... Kindred mains like °O°
???... Rito pls fix vandrill
SEA GAM... Riot : ok
MrLavaM... Pls take this down, kindred hasn’t had a single buff for 10 patches and her last patch was nurf
dark an... it works wow
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