Marvel Entertainment - Marvel Contest of Champions: Nick Fury Spotlight

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Najlepsze komentarze:

Paella ... Fury out here with the airpods
Diego P... Coulson won't like that you used his gun
Sam McG... Nick Fury, they're coming for you! Why aren't you listening to me? OH GOD HE HAS AIRPODS IN HE CANT HEAR US!!!!!!!
john os... Comics and games Nick Fury: badass
Captain Marvel Nick Fury:stupid and cringy
Ethan A... Dang that Destroyer Gun
GoramYa... oh i thought the real Fury 616 version :(
DJTV2... Does he fight a cat?
S.R. Cl... Nigg fury

I know i'l going to hell
SFC: Ir... Finally!!!
first t... Respected sir/ mam, please sir/mam contact me for fresh content of the games. At least give me only one chance to represent my content. Contact me at +919426175921
Icarus... Here comes an abundance of 2* Furies!
MultiPl... we havent had a good MvC game in since MvC 3 yet this game exists? Disney/Capcom plz!
calebco... Mother Flerken!
Nitrocu... 0:24 "So that's what it does..."
Mad Jac... Smh I cant look Fury in the eye after what I learnt.
little ... Should have saved that gun for Coulson
Avi Aga... Where’s Fury?
Eric Re... Check out my avengers endgame tv spot breakdown!
Kayra U... love marvel ?
JD C... Yes nick fury was awesome ?
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