MotoGamesTV - DiRT Rally 2.0 Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo Rally Gameplay 4K 60FPS

Monte Carlo Rally is available as part of Season 1 Content Stage: Gordolon Courte Montée 0:18 Gameplay 5:15 Replay Played with Thrustmaster TX wheel Gameplay recorded with AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K GC573 Xbox One X 2160p 60FPS gameplay MotoGamesTV #DiRTRally2.0 #DiRTRally

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tony co... Very nice graphics ♡ wish i could play it
Healing... I've noticed the cars in this game have 0 body roll, even the older cars. So stiff-looking.
The Unr... Chase camera makes it feel like Driving Miss Daisy ... ; )
Nuno GS... Do we have to pay for this tracks of monte carlo?
Truskaw... Te odcinki są kompletnie nowe czy to kalki z DR1?
LastPho... I love this game. Forza is still the best game in the world (metacritics says everything). But dirt rally 2 is really cool to be honest.
Gremlin... ?
treerex... Yo those graphics! To bad youtube butchers quality Xd
Jonas J... Excellent driving!
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