Marvel Entertainment - Marvel’s Iron Man VR Arrives 2019 on PlayStation VR! | Official Announce Trailer

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Adrian ... Meh. If you don't have a simulation chamber then this is going to be a poor experience.
Blah bl... The tony stark experience

Too bad its not good
UNIQUE ... "Good, I got a plane to ctach"
Arkham ... What people need to understand about insomniac making a spiderman game and what the difference would be, is that spiderman is ground based and is flying up in the air. Its almost impossible to base a game on that sense. What I mean is spiderman has 80% of the time on the ground for enemies, as iron man would be in the air. Plus, insomniac is already working on a new project which could be possibly spiderman 2. They havent worked on a game that's ambitious as iron man. Were getting the avengers project reveal sometime soon anyway. Just calm down
leonel ... thought it was going to be an open world game. having the formula already bieng played out by btman and spiderman i really thought they were gonna go that way.
Revilod... Does this exist in the same universe as Marvel's Spider-man? I really hope they build up a connected game universe that includes the upcoming Avenger's game.
Achinty... Hey what about that square enix thing
Evan Ba... The voice actor for Tony was not a good choice
Kind Ka... Why vr
Mohamma... From Pakistan ????????
CHEM TR... They have this exact game at the museum of pop culture in Seattle and its actually really badass. Big ups guys.
Chris_E... Not what we asked but okay. Make this canon with marvels spiderman please
J-Breez... Is Josh Keaton Voice acting Iron Man? But isn’t he Spider-Man?
Colonel... Can we slowly ramp up the craziness of the Marvel insomniac games? Give us Spider-Man, then Cap (with some Black Widow DLC like Arkham City), then iron man, then Thor, Then Guardians, then just a Silver Surfer arcade game about finding as many planets for Galactus to eat as possible. Then maybe a Dormammu simulator
Incogni... So they didn’t include Ironman in the Marvel Powers United game for VR so they could make another game on the most unpopular vr system? Why?
Spidey ... Spider-Man, im the only hero that has a successful game

Iron-Man: Hold my beer
louis c... Y’all know in the comics this is happening right now and everyone got controlled wearing this?
Eat Pin... Imagine having only ironman without all the other marvel characters!

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CVL990... Meanwhile, still waiting for info or a trailer on the square enix avengers game
Brotees... Why VR?((
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