GRILL with FRIENDS and MY NEW CAR My Summer Car Story 65

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GRILL with FRIENDS and MY NEW CAR - My Summer Car Story.
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My Summer Car is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine.


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Mods used in video:

GrabAnything -
Noclip -
Сlosing pits panel -
MSTuner -
Carry More (backpack alternative) -
Glowing light switch markers -


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Music by NoCopyrightSounds (

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lord ma... Satsuma lepsza niż fittan
five ni... How did you make the green car drive so well
Sandrin... The mod is very hight??
NoahDBo... Do you use force feedback?
Pawe? R... That Katyusha and spining seat got me
Neo And... Try a challenge:

Live in your satsuma
By putting stuff inside to transform it to a camper

Then, do the rally
moszyna... 69 like XD
Miłego dnia wam życzę,
oraz udanego grilla!
BERNRD ... Witam fajny odcinek
Bus Dri... you steal my bus,again
um pouc... i like your videos it is fun

Agro Sz... Teraz nie powinneś nazywać my summer car tylko my new car albo my summer fiat Xd
D?g?... ale wyżerka
Jakub S... Radex zrub liva
Kuba Ba... Bardzo fajne
BlackOF... Hejo, miłego dnia życzę ???
NETskur... NICE vid!!!!
Cheeps ... Download update radex!!!!!!!!
NeCkeR... 1