Civilization 6 - Let's Play Australia - Part 11 Civ 6 Modded Gameplay with AI+]

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Let's Play some Civilization 6 as Australia! Using a few extra Civilization 6 mods, including ones that affect gameplay - such as AI+ and Smoother Difficulty. Full mod list below. Playing on a fractal detailed map, using epic game pace, standard map size and balanced start position. Civilization 6 Australia Playlist ►

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List of Civilization 6 mods used in this playthrough:
Smoother Difficulty:
Show Diplomatic Deals:
Detailed Worlds:
Moar Units:
Better Trade Screen:
Diplomatic Total:
Unit Report Screen:

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Slightl... Are the curassiers part of a mod?
FireIvo... +
millbro... The barb camp you were looking for is in the woods on the coast, directly north of Canberra.
o0aless... So... How much production time did those pillaged districts cost you? Because buying a unit can suddenly become an interesting alternative when you factor that in.

Also, weren't you supposed to have garrisons in every city? What happened to that?
Humakt8... Gorgo's constant whining about honor gets tiresome fast.
OldDood... You have a Cold Marbozir....?
Sounds like it...
DoctorM... 15:31
With Australia's unique ability, by purchasing the sheep then improving them, you'd have gotten the oasis tile for free.

Also, all three of those undeveloped tiles around the horses in Adelaide, with outback stations, would become viable tiles. Those outback stations, man. Very strong.
stars n... Watching your empire spread like zerg creep is so incredibly satisfying. :p
Marc Ve... what is the hidden agenda of Marbozir?
Ostap K... Won't you get CB to use for Nationalism inspiration, if Russia settles close to you?

Konkret... Great Zimbabwe in capital?
Rosstic... Is any of this post-Spring patch?
clickac... Australia conquers the world, and the worship of marsupials becomes normalised. In the future, people evolve pouches in which to carry their i-phones, and ears that turn in interesting directions.