I'M IN IT! - Let's Play Akinator

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I really want to start playing games on this channel in the near futur, so meanwhile, here you have my play on Website based game, Akinator.

Link to Akinator: http://en.akinator.com/

Music from my intro: Donors by Letterbox
Music from my outro: Dat Step by Gunnar Olsen

You can download Graphics used in my Intros and Outro, and many more, for free right here: http://www.givemefreeart.com/index.php#.V0sH5eSm3dQ

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Resnais...Can I get pinned for no reason?
Angus A...this is the first video i saw by you. good job.
The Hh...7:57 LMAO!!! ?
vinstua...cool X;DDD!!!
ELCUATE...that was awesome
- sandg...Quality
Zachary...This is hard to watch knowing that youre supposed to play it as if youre not you...
letsnot...Sometimes I lay on the floor and pretend I'm a carrot, then I see if Akinator can guess me.
Tordhau...You are great
Tordhau...Great you have been in norway.

Mr. Bur...Today I defeated akinator.............. am i the 1st one?
Heptk...adik do you know what does adik mean in Arabic it means giving like ana adik it means i will give you or it can be used in a sexual way like t3ala adik it mean come and il give you
Angel P...dose this mean you hate jews
Faruk G...Congratz Adik!! Good vid
ctl eur...You forgot KSI XD
Chris S...yes please play more games!
scorpio...did your character have sex
NeroThe...the legend is back
GEORGE1...Pin me
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