Marbozir - Civilization 6 - Let's Play Australia - Part 12 Civ 6 Modded Gameplay with AI+]

Let's Play some Civilization 6 as Australia! Using a few extra Civilization 6 mods, including ones that affect gameplay - such as AI+ and Smoother Difficulty. Full mod list below. Playing on a fractal detailed map, using epic game pace, standard map size and balanced start position. Civilization 6 Australia Playlist ► Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Civilization 6 content as well as other games! List of Civilization 6 mods used in this playthrough: AI+: Smoother Difficulty: Show Diplomatic Deals:...

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Tomaž ... No warmonger penalty for a surprise war?? What's going on?
Kefkaow... gorgo snowballs easily
FireIvo... +
Yan Tse... Apparently, Norway thinks you are warmongering against barbarians, in a sense, it is true!
Kid A... Great vid as always. Are you going to continue the Long War 2 thing? Or did I miss something, which is entirely possible.
stars n... One of the best parts of your civ videos is honestly the silly banter with the AI. :p
Saltofp... If the barbarians are more of a threat than the AI countries, you should prioritize killing them, or at least building some units in you capital and nearby cities.
John Sm... Have you been hit by the new rules from YouTube?
Joshua ... in your capital you have farms in the north instead of outback stations
ykakuta... That Archangelsk settle tho

elaTVch... I really like this video! Great job!
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