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WTF Compilation || November 2017 || MonthlyFails

MonthlyFails »

Hi all! Enjoy this new collection of wtf moments caught on camera! Compilation featuring stunts, funny road sighting videos and more! Stay tuned for new epic fails, wins and wtfs. Cheers!
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Annex Canada non-whites are so uncivil, dirty, disgusting and animals.....fucking degenerate filth
Bunny Kimono3 LOL....
Otto Stierlitz Nov 2017?! most of this videos must be older then the uploader
Raw and Uncensored 1:19 Toyota Prius driver. Nuff' said.
Ankeger NSK 0:20 what the behind witchcraft ?!
fcukugimmeausername @ 0:43 What is this?
Shane Whittker 0:14 why?!?!
Shane Whittker 0:06 ???
youyou blabla 0.41 sa fait flipper les ami hallucinant mort au scientifique la ces quoi cette tracabiliter et toutes les tete etais repertorier trankillement ! mais ces quoi se délire ont va ou leur grand-mere les pute d'avoir donner naissance a ces fdp quoi que je nous insulterais plus nous le peuple car ont laisse faire ! Ptain grosse merde
Robin Miersch 0:57 "Witzig Sauerbraten."
X_MORD alias Martin The legend say that the wheel is still moving on the road....
Coolio Bob I love how exhaust pipes somehow offend poeople.
Bush Trash Thought the Truck in the tunnel I thought was just click bait but damn , how the hell did they manage to get that truck like that .
nong333 0:20 ...How????
Itas cari 3:47 fake
doni bell 3:43 insert initial D eurobeat
Doom Synx Asia is a pretty interesting place. O.o
Fatima Syeda What the fuck is that a dick
mikkel nyhuus That wheel at the end was a good boi
ewda adwa 4:28 lol ) )))
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkZHiGsR4jvWeHunEB3Qaw