Cleanup Stellaris Distant Stars Niven Update Gameplay Part 17

Marbozir »
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Stellaris Distant Stars - Niven Update Gameplay. Welcome back to Stellaris! Playing Stellaris Distant Stars with the 2.1 Niven Update. Stellaris Distant Stars adds a lot of new anomalies, new unique systems and new late game mysteries to uncover.

Stellaris Distant Stars DLC on Steam:

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Matthew... Heads up, jump drives work differently now. They are a button in the top of the fleet details window that let you go to a system within the jump range however the sub-light speed and offensive/defensive power is reduced for 90 days.
Hu Ho... Where is the second sector? I only recall one :/
Agent O... Hey Marbozir, you may already have found out since you usually play a few episodes in advance, but here it is anyway: Your underdeveloped Sector (The one at the bottom of the Sector list) has negative energy and 0 storage, which means it's performing far worse than it could be. But because it is underdeveloped (for now) anyway, it only makes a marginal difference. It could be a big issue a few episodes down the line if you haven't noticed it by then though!

I am also really enjoying the youtuber series with your totally not robots. In the latest episode you went to the negotiation table with 3 other youtubers with your sly remark "Hello fellow organics!", I spilled my coffee....
Brutaka... Shiny new outro! I like.
Yacov S... Beep boop all your base are belong to us